The crisis facing the maternal health workforce in Bangladesh

It is no secret that there is a critical shortage of health care workers worldwide. A critical shortage is defined as a country with a density of less than 2.3 health care providers (e.g. doctors, nurses and midwives) per 1000 population. Bangladesh is one of 57 countries that fall under this category with an estimated 3.05 physicians and 1.07 nurses per 10,000 population. In fact, the WHO estimates that by 2030, there will be a projected shortfall of 18 million workers and unsurprisingly, most of these shortages will be found in low and middle income countries.

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MAA x Scrubbed Up OSCE Workshop

SATURDAY 6TH MARCH 10AM-1.30PMWe’ll be covering 5 of the most common stations that come up in OSCEs for pre clinical years!- Examinations - History taking/Communication - Data interpretation - Anatomy - Explanations

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Immediate stay at home orders to control COVID: the impact on Bangladeshi Mothers.

Bangladesh has suffered in numerous ways at the hands of the notorious and on-going COVID-19 pandemic. From the first week of March, the country sought to ban all mass gatherings, including a notable 100th-anniversary celebration event of the birth of the founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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How ‘global’ is breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is thought to be a universal concept. However, we find that in actuality, breastfeeding rates differ significantly globally. To explore why, we must look at the finer nuances behind why some women breastfeed, and why others do not.

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Games Night

Join us and bring your friends & family to compete in a series of games & quizzes to test you all delivered by us & SABB volunteers for the night filled with entertainment & fun for all!

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Treats By Maa

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Order your Eid Sweet Gift packs for our Treats by Maa Eid campaign. Each pack includes an Eid card with a personalised message, a certificate of donation and a 150g bag of halal sweets.

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Grand Gala 2020

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Join Maa for an exquisite evening of fine dining, entertainment & fundraising in one of London’s most exclusive venues.

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Charity Trek 2020

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Maa’s Peak District trek is back! Students from across the country are invited to take part in a hike through one of Britain’s most beautiful mountain ranges on Saturday 7th March 2020.

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MaaMonth is Back!

MaaMonth was started in 2018 as a national initiative to raise money for Maa's non-profit work. Societies across the country compete against each other every February to raise the most money and earn MaaMonth Champions title!

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Volunteers Induction

Maa’s new Volunteer Pool gives you the chance to become a part of the charity and support our aim to revolutionise maternal healthcare in the developing world.

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