Students Supporting Mothers

Every year universities across the country come together to support mothers.

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What is MaaMonth?

MaaMonth was started in 2018 as a national initiative to raise money for Maa’s non-profit work. Societies across the country compete against each other every February to raise the most money and earn MaaMonth Champions title! We currently have 19 societies on board from across the UK, ready with a month packed full of fundraising events. The money raised helps Maa to run essential health camps and maternal care seminars in rural areas of Bangladesh. To get your society involved in MaaMonth click the ‘register now’ button, and for more updates follow us on Instagram!

MaaMonth is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase your society on our social media platforms. We have a following of more than 16,000 on Facebook, and 1,000 on Instagram. By taking part in MaaMonth, your society will have exclusive access to Maa’s audience; allowing you to publicise any events, fundraisers and campaigns and gain some well-deserved recognition for your society.

Celebrating MaaMonth 2020! £33K raised for Maa!

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MaaMonth takes place every February and concludes with the announcement of the MaaMonth winner at our Grand Gala event in March!

Getting involved is easy! Register your university using the links provided at the top and bottom of the page.

Prior to MaaMonth being established, MaaWeek took place at a number of different universities across London. To ease organisation between different universities, we decided to create MaaMonth so universities had more flexibility to organise events with the times that suited them best. 

You can fundraise for Maa all year around and we really appreciate your effort! 

Whether you want your MaaMonth to just be a day of bake sales or a jam-packed month full of events, we’re happy with any and all fundraising efforts. The reason it’s called MaaMonth is to provide you with the flexibility of doing events whenever your timetable allows. 

For our first MaaMonth, we had Bangla societies from over 15 universities across the UK taking part. But anyone can get involved in this month of fundraising! Just register your society to let us know you’re interested.

MaaMonth is the perfect time to gain experience with event organisation and teamwork. By raising money for us, you’ll be able to gain skills and meet people you otherwise wouldn’t! It’s the perfect chance to step outside your comfort zone and support an amazing cause. 

Anything you want! Previous events have included games nights, bake sales, food festivals, spoken word nights, hikes and more! It’s a great opportunity to get creative and be in with a chance of winning the Most Creative Event award! 

You can get access to our large following on Instagram and Facebook if you let us know about your events in advance.

In order for us to deliver your media content across the month, it’s important to follow the media rules highlighted below.

Before the Event 

  1. Notify Umayair Ullah of any events, campaigns and fundraisers you are running.
  2. Send any posters or videos which advertise your MaaMonth event to Ryhana Ali at least 1 week before the event date so it can be promoted on Maa’s Facebook and Instagram Stories.

During the Event

  1. Take portrait and landscape videos (minimum of 2 per event) which highlight what the event is. This can also be a video summarising the event after it’s happened.
  2. Take as many pictures as possible! This can be of the team members doing something (e.g. hosting a cake stall), or pictures of the event at its peak (e.g. speakers on stage and the audience is buzzing), or a big group picture of the team involved in creating that specific event. These pictures will be uploaded onto Maa’s permanent social media feeds, accompanied with a small caption detailing the event and your society name.
  3. If you’re uploading videos and pictures to your society’s feed, make sure to tag Maa (@maacharityuk) in your captions and stories so we are able to share it on our platforms too.

After the Event 

  1. Once you have collated the pictures and portrait videos, send them to Ryhana Ali as soon as possible.

Societies should try to have an outline of their planned events as early as possible. This will help us create a schedule for the month and allow us to provide the best publicity for your events.

Our committee is made up of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life. If you need help or advice, we’re here to support you. We’ve got a diverse team of people with media expertise, event organisation experience and leadership skills. If you need any help at all, feel free to reach out to one of us using the contact us page or social media.

Use the ‘Register Now’ buttons at the top and bottom of this page and we’ll guide you though the next steps.

We can provide you with money buckets, Maa t-shirts, leaflets and any other promotional material you may require. Just get in touch and we’ll be on hand to help.

Sign your society up for MaaMonth now!