MAA x Scrubbed Up OSCE Workshop


We’ll be covering 5 of the most common stations that come up in OSCEs for pre clinical years!


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We’ll be covering 5 of the most common stations that come up in OSCEs for pre clinical years!

  • Examinations 
  • History taking/Communication
  • Data interpretation 
  • Anatomy 
  • Explanations 
    • Interactive 
    • Fun 
    • Experienced OSCE examiners, doctors and medical students 


Examination station

Ace your physical examination station by using tips tried and tested by medical students and doctors alike! We’ll be going over:

  • Physical exam technique- that all important ‘PIPPA’
  • Commonly missed marking points
  • Questions from examiners after completing a physical exam
  • What really gets you those top marks!

History station

Find yourself pressing the ‘pause’ button during history taking? 

  • Who is SOCRATES? Why is he so important in histories? Why is everyone obsessed with ICE? 
  • How to keep the natural flow going
  • How do you ensure your history stays patient centred? 
  • What is a systems review and why is it important? 

You’ll be guided through this OSCE station by true experts in an interactive manner! If you’re feeling brave; have a go yourself! 

Data interpretation

Data intimidates even the toughest of us, but it doesnt need to!

  • Does your head start spinning when you see those numbers?
  • Spirometry? Who’s she?
  • When that examinar starts chatting i lose hearing in my left ear
    • Is that conductive or sensorineural? How can you tell?

–  Feel yourself getting tachy when you asked to decode an ECG? But what does tachy even look like on an ECG? 


After brushing up your skills with us even the nastiest of stations won’t phase you!

Explanation Station

This station tests your ability to share information with patients 

  • Think its ‘peak’ that you have to explain peak flow? Then this is your chance to get all the inside tips and tricks to make this station a breeze!
  • Sudden tight chest pain when you think about having to explain GTN technique? 

 Anatomy station

The dreaded anatomy station. AKA Armageddon AKA Ragnarok AKA Doomsday

  • How should you structure those 3 markers to get maximum points?
  • How to not crumble under pressure
  • How to distinguish between structures when it all just looks like… flesh
  • Is it a nerve? Is it an artery? Is it a vein? How can you tell the difference?