Graphic Design Intern

Job Category: Campaigns
Job Type: Paid

Role Purpose

To work closely with the Head of Campaigns and Media in creating, designing, and editing high quality graphics for MAA

Role Outline

Key responsibilities and objectives of the job:

● To work closely with the Campaigns and Media Team

● To design professional posters for MAA

● To work creatively in advancing the impact of MAA’s marketing and social

media presence i.e. designing leaflets, posters, informatics, banners etc.

● To promptly upload content on MAA’s Media drive

● To complete any tasks given by the Head of Campaigns and Media and

provide updates at monthly meetings

● To attend fundraising team meetings when appropriate

● To support and work closely with the rest of the Campaigns and Media team

to produce effective content

Key Skills

● Organisation

● Teamwork and Communication – Written and Verbal

● Time Management

● Attention to detail

Essential Experience

● Proficient in using a design software; examples include Adobe Photoshop,

Illustrator, After Effects or other.

● Ability to prioritise workloads

Desirable Characteristics

● Punctuality

● Enthusiasm

● Efficiency

● Decisive

● Ability to take onboard and implement feedback

● Good time management

Salary/Working hours

Salary: You will be paid £10/hr

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Sorry! This job has expired.