Finance Manager

Job Category: Finance
Job Type: Paid

Role Purpose

● To maintain all financial record keeping and banking

● To create yearly budgets and financial reports

Role Outline

Key responsibilities and objectives of the job:

● To work closely with the CEO, UK Director and Finance Officer

● To maintain excellent record-keeping (i.e. all invoices and payments are

accounted for appropriately)

● To ensure all reimbursements are made and documented

● To ensure account/spreadsheets are updated accurately

● To assist all MAA teams where appropriate

● To create yearly budgets and financial reports

● To be able to work with our accountants

Key Skills

● Organisation

● I.T. skills i.e. Word processing, Excel and PowerPoint

● Team Work

● Communication- Written and Verbal

● Attention to detail

● Able to meet strict deadlines

Essential Experience

● Ability to prioritise workload

● Strong background or experience with finance and numbers

● Proven track record of good book-keeping experience

Desirable Characteristics

● Punctuality

● Efficiency

● Decisive

● Impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences.

● Focused and highly driven

● Good time management

Salary/Working hours

Salary: You will be paid £10/hr

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