Media Team

Fatnin Mohd Fuad

Fatnin Mohd Fuad

Media Lead

Fatnin is a third year medical student at King’s College London, with a particular interest in paediatrics and women’s health. Her time at Maa began in August 2017 where she led a team of volunteers to deliver crucial maternal healthcare to pregnant mothers in Bangladesh. Throughout her experience, Fatnin collaborated with local doctors to care for these mothers, whilst also educating young girls on menstruation, hygiene, and pregnancy. Each mother she met had left a lasting impression, and inspired her to create a positive impact on these women. Therefore, she decided to make a long-term commitment to Maa, joining as Head of Media. She now leads a dedicated team who’s aim is to increase Maa’s media presence, as well as maintaining a strong brand which people are able to connect to.

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Graphic Designer

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